Ascend Your
Business Sales

Take Your Insurance Sales to New Heights with the Ascent Platform powered by Insurance Advisors Direct

Struggling to manage leads, track quotes, and close more deals?

Insurance Advisors Direct understands the challenges insurance agents face.

That’s why we created Ascent, a powerful CRM system designed to propel your business to the next level.

Ascent is more than just a CRM. It’s your comprehensive sales
command center, equipped with the tools you need.

Streamlined Client Management

A CRM organizes client data, policies, and interactions in one place. No more scattered notes or forgotten birthdays!

Boosted Sales Efficiency

Track leads, automate follow-ups, & identify renewal opportunities. More time for closing deals, less time on paperwork.

Strengthened Client Relationships

Personalized communication, automated birthday greetings, & policy reminders build trust & loyalty. Happy clients mean repeat business!

The Tools You Need To Succeed!

User Friendly CRM
Sales Pipelines
Forms & Surveys
Phone System
Email & Video Email
2-Way Texting
Ringless Vmail
Power Dialer
Direct Mail
Skip Tracing

Grow Your Business
with Powerful Lead Management

Every business thrives on leads and a system to effectively convert them into loyal clients.
Focus on closing deals, not managing scattered leads. Let Ascent simplify your lead conversion process.

Nurture, Convert, Grow.
Using Smart Automation

Stuck chasing leads that go cold? 80% of sales require 5+ follow-ups, but most reps give up after just 1. Ascent Platform automates your outreach, sending personalized drip campaigns that keep leads engaged and convert them into customers. Maximize sales conversions with multiple “touch points” throughout the buying journey.

Built-In Communication Channels

Email Marketing

Ascent + email marketing = targeted messages to clients, nurturing leads, and boosting conversions. Saves time with automation. Win-win for agents!

Video Email

CRM data + video emails = personalized insurance explainers. Reach targeted audiences, boost engagement, and close more deals. Powerful combo for agents!

2-Way Text Messaging

Texts in the Ascent Platform unlock quick client chats. Answer questions, schedule calls, and remind clients about renewals. Boosts engagement, saves time, and keeps you top-of-mind.

Other Built-In Communication Channels Offered with Ascent

Ringless Voicemail

Ringless voicemail leaves targeted messages without annoying dials. The Ascent Platform ensures messages reach interested prospects, boosting outreach and conversions.

Phone & Power Dialer

Phone & Power Dialer cuts through busywork. Auto-dial leads, leave voicemails, and track calls. The Ascent Platform stores data for follow-ups. Saves time, dials more numbers, and boosts outreach.

Direct Mail & Gifts

Ascent fuels targeted direct mail. Send personalized gifts & informative brochures to nurture leads & stay top-of-mind with clients. The platform tracks results for campaign refinement.


Agent Feedback & Reviews

Business Scale

Master Organization With
Click & Drag Pipelines

Boost sales conversion by 30% with Ascent Platform’s powerful pipeline visualization. Track deals, values, and close dates effortlessly. Move leads through the funnel faster with automated workflows triggered by simple drag-and-drop actions. Experience a clear, data-driven approach to closing more deals.

Click & Drag Interface

Move deals thru visual sales pipelines. Drag and drop to update stages, simplify workflows, & boost your conversion rate.

Custom Pipelines

Design your sales journey. Build personalized pipelines to reflect your unique process and close deals faster.

Automation Triggers

Automate repetitive tasks. Set triggers based on actions to save time and streamline your workflow.


Schedule Like A Pro.
Save Time, Book Online Now.

Leads are essential, but conversion is key. Unleash success by connecting your lead sources directly to our platform with our open API and integrations with Facebook & Zapier. No more juggling tools! Upload your leads or seamlessly integrate them, then watch them get assigned to the right team member automatically. Focus on closing deals, not managing leads.

Sync Your Calendar

Ditch scheduling headaches. Ascent automatically keeps your calendar up-to-date, eliminating conflicts and saving you precious time.

Automate Appointments

Stop endless email exchanges. Let Ascent schedule appointments for you, freeing you to focus on closing deals, not back-and-forth communication.

Share Your Calendar Link

Prospects can book directly! Share your availability with a simple link, empowering leads to schedule meetings on their own time.

Speed Up Your Sales Cycle

No more delays. Ascent streamlines the scheduling process, getting you face-to-face with qualified leads faster and closing deals quicker.

Grow Your Business w/ Ascent

Tired of missing sales targets? Ascent is your secret weapon!

Our SMART automations supercharge your team’s productivity, so no lead ever gets lost in the shuffle.

The crystal-clear visual sales interface keeps everything organized, freeing up your time to crush your goals, not your to-do list!